Raspberry Pi Osmc bluetooth

I have my osmc set up up in my car and I have the bluetooth streaming setup but it cuts off between the first 15-60 seconds and I don’t know if its the bluetooth or my car also I would like to know if there is any way to use it as an AUX where i can plug my phone directly

Internal or external dongle

If you want to connect your phone directly instead of via Bluetooth you would need to have a USB audio adapter as the Pi doesn’t have any audio input. And if you do that you would also need reconfigure audio a bit.

It is an external dongle and I had a USB audio adapter but I didn’t know how to configure it if you do

You could just connect the phone via USB and use it as a storage device. Add it as a media source in OSMC. (I’m assuming that you have music files on the phone that you wish to play)

I have an Iphone and not all of them are in my phones media if anyone knows how i could configure it so the audio adapter would work that would be great

I’m confused. Where is your media and where do you want to stream it to? From your first post, I assumed media on Pi, streaming through BT to the car’s audio. Now there’s a phone involved. Also a USB audio adapter but is this just for output (DAC) or for input (ADC)?

I want to use my phone to stream audio from my phone to the PI which outputs to my car speakers, but I am using an external dongle but it keeps cutting off. I would also like to know if anyone knows how to configure a usb audio adapter so I can use it like AUX

Still some info missing. To connect your phone to Pi, there is no point in using an AUX (analogue) cable. Better to use a USB cable as suggested above. It will also keep it charged :slight_smile:. To connect Pi to car stereo if bluetooth is flakey you could run a cable from the Pi’s audio jack to AUX on the car. No need for a USB adapter.

Having said that, why can’t you just send music direct from the phone to the car stereo?

So I have an iPhone if I connected that through USB you’re saying that would be able to play music directly from the pi? My car does not have an AUX that’s why I’m installing the pi in my car

Yes, if you can connect the iPhone as a disc. I don’t do Apple but someone else may be able to tell you how to do that.

Okay but my main thing is if I wanted to play music that isn’t stored in my phone such as sound cloud or Spotify. How would I manage that

You have quite a complicated set-up for a car. I would be thinking of missing out the Pi and just play music from your phone to the car’s bluetooth.

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My car does not have Bluetooth or anyway of play music from my phone that is the whole reason I put the pi in my car

Sorry if I’m being slow. So the Pi is connected to your car speakers, but not through the car’s amp since the car doesn’t have aux and it doesn’t have bluetooth. So I’m now guessing there’s some sort of amp attached to the Pi (a HAT?) so you can’t connect your phone to the car’s speakers in the same way.

If you get a ‘USB audio adapter’ you will probably have to learn something about ALSA as Kodi/OSMC are not set up to handle analogue inputs. It’s probably best to troubleshoot the BT connection. I’d start with testing it out of the car in case there is some electrical noise that’s causing the signal to drop.

Yes I’m using a hifiberry amp and with the USB adapter would I need to reconfigure the osmc or add some code or

Sorry if you already know this: Your hifiberry will appear as an ALSA (playback) device. A USB adapter (soundcard) will also appear as an ALSA (capture) device as long as it has drivers. It’s quite likely any USB adapter will have drivers already in OSMC since there is a standard for USB sound devices. No guarantees, so search around for reports on the device you have in mind. Search for raspberry pi audio capture.

Then you have to send the input audio from the ALSA capture device to the ALSA playback device. This should be possible with ALSA conf files - hopefully you can find a recipe from someone who’s done just that. That connection can also be done with pulseaudio which you have already installed as part of the BT a2dp package. Either way you need to roll up your sleeves and write some start-up script.

Okay thanks very much I’ll update if i get it figured out

This may suggest another way to do it Possible to have Analog and loopback audio?