Raspberry Pi rebooting randomly

My MIL uses a Raspberry Pi 3 to run OSMC as a media center, sharing content from hard drives over their LAN. This has been running fine for the past year or so. Recently, it has started having issues with displaying the ‘sad face’ and rebooting. This happens while a show is playing or sometimes while sitting idle with no actions. time between reboots can range from several minutes to 12+ hours. I’ve tried updating OSMC from the application and also using apt-get dist-upgrade. Seems to still be having issues. Any support on where to look next would be appreciated.

Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/teqagohovo

First thing I would look at is trying another power supply. Random reboots are normally due to power supply issues. Also make sure you are powering your attached HDD from a separate source and not the Pi