Raspberry Pi rebooting randomly

My in-laws have been plagued with random reboots on their raspberry Pi for the past few months. To try and solve once and for all, we bought a brand new Pi 3B+ for Christmas. Today the problems continued, Pi was sitting idle without any video playing but TV was on and the Pi went through about 10 reboots, with the frown face appearing before it finished the boot cycle. After several reboots it seems to have stabilized for now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I’m really pulling out my hair on this. In the past have tried multiple power supplies, new SD card, and now brand new board but still issues. I have the same build running at my house with no issues.

Log files: HTTPS://paste.osmc.tv/qofeyodumi

The crash is because Kodi is running out of memory.

Was this a fresh install, or did you backup/restore the Kodi settings?

This was a fresh install using the OSMC installer. I haven’t added many add-ons at all, only Watchdog

Since Kodi keeps crashing with OOM, then I’d do as basic install as you can (Like no Watchdog). See if that helps.

Hi Brian,

I uninstalled Watchdog and also disabled some services that I wasn’t using (UPnP, WiFi, couple others I can’t recall) and so far so good, uptime shows it hasn’t crashed since - knock on wood. Appreciate your help!

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You could try to re-enable Watchdog now to see if the problem comes back. If it does, you know what to remove to get your system stable again :wink:

I’m glad you got a stable system now!