Raspberry PI remote controller

Hello! Configured Raspberry Pi 3 to work with IPTV via Kodi. I would like to find a good Bluetooth remote that would be suitable for controlling this device.

Is there a specific reason it needs to be Bluetooth?

This is USB based and will serve your needs well as an officially supported device.

See OSMC Remote Control - OSMC.

I don’t have delivery to my country

We can ship to Russia but we cannot ship our products to Russia given their nature and UK government sanctions. This is while our prime minister and his family still continue to profit from Russian investments to the tune of millions.

Is XMRM-00A suitable?

I realise this isn’t what you were asking for, but (perhaps as a temporary measure) have you tried using a smartphone app like Yatse or Kore as a controller? I’ve had good experiences with Yatse myself.