Raspberry Pi turning off

After idling for a while, my RPi2 turns off. The only way to turn it on again is to plug it off the power socket, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in (which is pretty annoying). Is there any way of preventing that to happen? The power consumption is pretty low, so I see no reason to turn it off.

It shouldn’t turn off by itself.

Are you sure it’s not crashing due to inadequate power supply ? Can you still ping the device across the network when it seems to be off ?

What USB devices do you have connected, and what overclock setting are you using ?

Does it only do it when idle and/or when the TV is turned off, or have you seen it go off while in use ?

Check the CEC settings in System->Settings->Input Devices->CEC and make sure it’s not set to go into standby when the TV is turned off.

I’m pretty sure it’s not because of the power supply. Using a 5V / 2A one. I never tried pinging it, but I can’t SSH into it and the remote app can’t connect either. I can try to ping it once it turned off again, but I assume that won’t work either.

I have no USB devices connected and I use the “Turbo” settings from the OSMC settings add-on.

It doesn’t turn off when I’m using it (e.g. watching Twitch streams). It doesn’t matter if my TV is on or off, after idling for about 15-20 minutes it turns off (TV gets no signal anymore and I can’t SSH into it).

Settings->System->Input Devices->CEC doesn’t exist (setting level “Expert”)

Thanks for your time!

Try changing your overclock back to Normal then rebooting.

Not all Pi 2’s can run stable at Turbo - mine can’t. It will completely freeze at random somewhere between a few minutes and a few hours of use.

I’ll try that, though I would have thought that overclocking problems would occur when the system is under load (which I assume it is not when I’m doing nothing).

It seems like that fixed it. Will report tomorrow if it turned off over night. Thanks for your help!

EDIT: It didn’t turn off over night.

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