Raspberry Pi video playback not start

Suddenly the video playback stopped working on my old RPI.

When I start playing a video it start buffering and after switch to a black screen, but the playback not starting. The problem is not the HDMI because the fast forward is working so after I press the FF the 2x speed “play” will start, but if I select the normal speed the playback is freeze again.

Anyway the music playback working perfectly.

Please supply the usual data: configuration and logs

Sorry for the mistake.

After I checked the kodi.log I realised the root of the problem. The “Audio Output Device” setting was changed to
“HDMI and Analogue” some times ago…

So the logs contains the following errors when I start playing a movie which is contains multi channel audio track and the settings is “HDMI and Analogue”.

11:34:16 T:2837443616   ERROR: COMXCoreTunel::Establish - could not setup tunnel src OMX.broadcom.audio_splitter port 262 dst OMX.broadcom.audio_render port 100 omx_err(0x8000100c)
11:34:16 T:2837443616   ERROR: COMXAudio::Initialize - Error m_omx_tunnel_splitter_analog.Establish 0x8000100c
11:34:16 T:2837443616   ERROR: COMXAudio::AddPackets - error PortSettingsChanged omx_err(0x00000000)

After I changed back the setting to HDMI only the playback works again perfectly.

There are any solution to use combined output with various (stereo and multi channel) materials?

Try turning off Omxplayer in Settings->Videos->Acceleration. I don’t think Omxplayer supports dual audio output.