Raspberry pi won't boot anymore

I’ve bought a kit rasberry pi with osmc few years ago.

It works very well but yesterday two power failure occurs and since it won’t boot anymore.

It send no image to the screen and is not accessible through the cable (the network lights show no activity).
The red ligth is on with the green one flickering.

I don’t know how to investigate the problem. Does anybody have a clue?

  1. Try another SD Card with a clean install of OSMC
  2. Try another powersupply/cable

I’ve made a fresh osmc install on the microsd card and It works.

Did you used the same SD card or a new one?
If you used the same one you might fir check for errors

The same one. How can I check it for errors?

For Windows: H2testw - Gratis-Download von heise.de
For Others: F3 by Digirati

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