Raspberry Pi Zero "GPIO ALT FUNCTIONS"

Hi, thanks a lot for OSMC, with the new Raspberry Pi Zero things are going to have a twist, one of the new possibilities is a “Mini Media Center” using OSMC, but there’s a problem for this to become true, the Raspi Zero doesn’t have an analog audio output (AKA 3.5mm jack) but we can have access to GPIO18 and GPIO13 or GPIO19 that gives us a link to the hardware unfiltered audio source, I’ve tried it in Jessie Raspbian and works OK but I have to change the GPIO to Alternative Functions 5 (ALT5) as example, but when I do the same procedure on OSMC (that is based too on Jessie) happens that using GPIO as input or output works well, but if I use it as an alternative function the system becomes stuck and can only be turned off by unplugging the power… could you please give us this feature, be able to change gpio alternative function so we can have analog audio please?.

Disable GPIO IR Remote in Pi Config


Ohh man, thanks a lot, I swear it was one of the “to try” things i had in my list to resolve this problem… now everything has logic, GPIO for IR was GPIO 18 xD