Raspberry pi zero install

i bought a raspberry pi zero i’m new to the whole raspberry pi thing.

i understand alot about hardware and searched the web for the solution but didnt find it.

the problem:
i installed OSMC on my raspberry pi zero (Adata 32GB micro sd).
i turn my raspberry pi zero on but all i get is the rainbow screen.
after the rainbow screen (it stays for 1-3 sec) it goes to black.

what does the raspberry pi zero:
when i turn it on it gives me green light but after the rainbow it goes off and stays off.

i know there is nothing wrong with the connection with the tv because it says raspberry when i look whats connected to me hdmi 2 input. (also activates simplink which is the cec connection for LG tv’s if im right)

i’ve heard i could add boot delay to config to solve it so i tried it but still not working.

please come with an answer everyone could understand :smiley:

thanks in advance.

Which version did you install?


the latest one on the list

also i tried on 2 different sd cards

i do not have any internet connection with the raspberry pi zero but i dont think that’s the problem since it installs it from pc?

Make sure you are selecting the correct version, Raspberry Pi 1.

i did choose the raspberry pi 1/zero