Raspberry pi zero w freezes

Hello everyone, so basically I got raspberry pi zero w yesterday and decided to install osmc on it. Everything went good till setup step. The raspberry pi kept freezing or sadfacing, when it freezes i have to disable raspberry pi fully, when it sadfaces It will reboot to the main menu. I managed to do setup quickly enough (language isnt saved but timezone is), and now it also keeps freezing/sadfacing in random moments
I have no idea what is the reason

Could be power, could be SD Card, could be software issue.
Can you get on the terminal (press ESC when sadface) and upload logs?


The psu came with raspberry pi zero w


Could be SD Card problem, do you have another one to test?

The last Kodi Log entry is>

2019-07-23 11:06:10.341 T:2827780832   ERROR: DoWork - Direct texture file loading failed for resource://resource.images.weathericons.default/.png
2019-07-23 11:06:10.581 T:2800739040  NOTICE: Register - new cec device registered on cec->RPI: CEC Adapter (2708:1001)
2019-07-23 11:06:40.319 T:2765087456   ERROR: EXCEPTION: Non-Existent Control 300

Which by itself is not too clear.
Maybe try to enable debug logging via adding


to ~/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml

The funny thing Is I had 2 sd cards and one died while installing osmc on raspberry, i switched ans it was good so far, so i need to give logs with this debug thingy?

Well the current log doesn’t give too much clues what’s wrong, hopefully debug enabled log does.

I managed to enable debug logs quickly in settings before crash.


I checked psu and cards. Regardless of them it keeps freezing or sadfacing
Idk what to do now

Yeah, having pretty much same problem (I bought 2 kits though (Vilros RP0W) , and its happening on both)… with Samsung SD cards. Using all included kit equipment that came with it, got install to work after a few tries, but it wont run stable for more than a few minutes. Posted to forums, with logs, but couldnt get any help. I’ve also tried LibreELEC and had freezing issues as well, I prefer to use OSMC though. Not sure what else to do at this point. Can anyone point out what to look for in the log files to find the source of the crashes?

If you have having problems with both OSes, then I would say that you have a hardware issue. Try a different SD card and a known good power supply (not a phone charger).

As another test you could try installing Raspbian to see if it runs OK.

What SD card are you using?

Was this question directed at me? I personally use official OSMC card in one system, and have SanDisk cards in my other systems. I’ve always had good luck with both brands.

That was at the OP actually… but Thanks for the response. On your concurrence that it is a hardware problem, I dug out an old Lexar 64gb SD card from my GoPro. For both these new RP0W boxes I was using 32gb Samsung EVO Select cards (from Amazon), everything else used with them was in the Vilros kit with the board. I have bought four of these Samsung EVO cards previously (2x32, 2x64), and had no problems with them being used in four RP3B+. The install went well, but just crashed during Samba install. In troubleshooting this for over for 2 hours and seeing the crashes live, my gut says in decades of using computers, that these problems seem like they may be overheating?? I’m using stock RP0W at standard clock speeds, with the heatsink that came in the kit. I was under the impression that these boards lowered their speeds to avoid overheating??

Try as I suggested and install Raspbian as a test. If Raspbian also crashes you have a hardware problem.

I doubt that it’s overheating, but if you have a small fan available you could find out.

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Thanks, Willdo… downloading the image now.

Installed Lite, it seemed to hang once during install, but upon reboot went right through to command line and logged in no problem. Further testing I installed Full version, got into desktop with no crashes, and it has sat there updating for almost an hour with NO crashing as well… ugh.

For me libreelec and osmc freezed regardless of sd and psu used, speaking of raspbian the boot light was on but the monitor didnt catch the signal.

Yeah, I found the same thing ultimately: OSMC and Libreelec just wouldnt stay stable on my Pi Zero W, it wasnt the hardware. I switched to raspbian lite with LXDE and feh, and my slideshow runs fine, but just takes 3 times as long to setup initially.