Raspberry pi zero w not showing wireless network option

hi, I have a raspberry pi zero w.
I am trying to run osmc on it but there is one small issue, no matter what I try it refuses to show the wireless option in the network menu.

it does show the bluetooth option and connects just fine over hotspot from my iPhone over bluetooth.

I have tried almost every single version from 2018 but all have the same issue.

after googling a little, I found the thread here from 2017 that says the version from 2017-03-1 works just fine with wifi and bluetooth but I am unable to download it because the download page doesn’t show anything older than 2018. what can I do? thanks for the help!

Have you tried another OS like Raspberry Pi OS to verify whether the hardware is functional?

yeah I have tried and I can confirm my device is defective. its weird, one moment I use Homebridge and wifi works fine, and within 1 minute of turning of the pi and inserting the osmc sd card wifi stops working.