Raspberry Pi2 and the OSMC software

Hi, I wonder if some one can help me, I am a novice and do not know how to put the OSMC software onto my sd card to go with my raspberry Pi2 software. I have just got the pc bit working but I am stuck now. Also where do I get the software for it. thanks in advance x

Do you have a laptop/PC that can accept an SD card? You’ll need to be able to write to the SD card in order to put OSMC onto it. I’ll assume you have a PC running Windows for now, i can update this if that’s not correct.

First of all go here;

Since you want to use Windows to prepare the SD card download the Windows installer (http://download.osmc.tv/installers/osmc-installer.exe)

Run the Windows installer
Select your language (English)
Select your platform (Raspberry Pi 2)
Click the next arrow
Select the latest build of OSMC (2015.11-1)
Click the next arrow
Leave this selection at the default (on an SD card) unless you have a good reason for changing it.
Click the next arrow
Configure your networking manually if you want/need to
Click the next arrow
Select your SD card
Click the next arrow

I get lost at this point as i’m at work and don’t have an SD card to hand. It should be obvious though.

Once the SD card has been prepared then remove it from the PC, put it into the Pi and boot it up, the install will download and install for you (The Pi needs network access in order to do this).


thank you, and yes I am on my laptop that has windows, I will try this now x

Let us know how it goes. If this doesn’t work due to how your Pi is set up then there are other options available. This is the preferred method though as it’ll get you an up-to-date install and it’s the easiest way to install it.

Got it to work, thank you for your help x

Good job, thanks for the confirmation.