Raspberry Pi2 freezing


My Raspberry Pi 2 with latest Osmc update (August) keeps freezing. It’s happening more then a month now. It happens every day now. I’m suspecting Deluge torrent but I’m not sure anymore. Can someone help me read debug logs? http://paste.osmc.io/xexutasajo

Thank you.

Sorry, but these are not debug enabled logs.

Have you not simply tried running with Deluge disabled if that is what you suspect to be the cause?

I’m sorry debugging really wasn’t turned on. I’ll post new log after next freezing.

I did stopped Deluge before but it didn’t helped.

Ok, same night that I posted this thread I did manual update of the system (apt-get update and apt-get upgrade). I also enabled debugging, but since than there has been no freezing. :slight_smile: I hope update fix the problem.

NEVER use apt-get upgrade! Only use apt-get dist-upgrade!

If he has ran apt-get upgrade he will need to reinstall now, as there is no guarantee updates will continue to work as expected

Thank you for that. I’ve been using ‘apt-get upgrade’ occasionally for 2 years now. I used auto check for updates options from OSMC GUI too. I never had any big problems except occasional periods of random freezing like this time. So I guess I was lucky. Thank you for this instructions.

Unfortunately, after running this command you will sooner or later run in to issues.