Raspberry Pi3 + OSMC DIY Media Box

I have very old but still working and sufficient for me 52’’ LCD tv. Exchange to a new one involved very large costs, and I do not have any big requirements. Simply, using 4 different remote controllers for 4 different devices connected to tv was frustrating(TV, DVBT tuner, DVD player, Smart TV dongle for Youtube on wifi).

At the beginning I planned to buy some kind of Android tv box + usb dvbt dongle, something like Xiaomi Mi Box 4K + DVBT USB, but still I had to leave my DVD player.

So I decide to build Media TV box on my own with all functions which I need in one box:

  1. DVB-T TV
  2. Wifi + Youtube for cartoons
  3. Online Movies
  4. DVD Player for my daughter old cartoon dvd collection

Because of cost and small but enough sizes and capabilities I decided to base my project on Raspberry PI 3.

With usb DVD player with additional cable for power suply.

And of course DVBT usb adapter - Realtek RTL2832

And device to proper supplying it in energy power station with minimum 2.4 A on each usb.

Of course mini wifi keyboard with touch pad for managing (very cheap but very useful)

All devices above I have bought on Aliexpress. Waiting for delivery I was testing different linux distros dedicated for media PC on one of my old pc. I decide on OSMC.

After receiving everything the biggest problem was power supply. Firstly I was trying to power it from standard 5A usb charger for tablets using USB Y cable - one end to DVD one to RPi3.

However, it made the DVD not work at all, or pretended to work but did not read the CDs. As I googled that, seems to be problem that electricity which was going to DVD runs via usb data cable to RPi. The sollution, cutting off power wires from USB data cable between RPi and DVD. I was to worried to damage something by going that way, to I bought power station described above, which solved these problems.

After solving that problem, I connect it amateurly and start to testing:

There was some problems with setting up all OSMC settings and addons but with help of that forum I managed to do it. Meanwhile I was developing my box for all devices.
I was not able to find any already prepared RPi3 boxes with the place for dvd. 3d printing was to difficult for me - can not work in 3d projects.
So I decide to make it on my own.
I use wooden box after Tetley tea. Cut place for dvd and made second layer of floor for RPi.

I have extend all free exits like: hdmi, jack, last free usb, anthena cable on the back side of box and drilled two wholes with glass pipes for RPi leds.

From my old damaged notebook I unsolder power button and adopt on the top side of box.

I am planing to use that button as ON/OFF RPi button by connecting it with proper GPIOs, but in future. Same with IR controller, I have one and in future would like to connect with GPIO to use TV remote instead of WIFI keyboard. For me keyboard is ok, but my wife or daughter prefer calssic devices.

But to go further I need Your help. I stacked in one place more than week ago and can not find solution.

OSMC and TVHeadEnd see my DVBT usb Dongle (checked by LSUSB and in www managing site of TVHeadEnd), But it behave like not having anthena connected. Does not find any channels, any MUXes.

I was checking many sites about seting TVHEADEND but still nothing works.

The further I gone I add MUX manually, and now sometime it shows range on 98% sometimes on 0% but still can not find any channels.

I will be very thankful for help with that problem…

I was looking for the best part of that forum to place that post. So I You find better will be thankful for moving.

Can someone help me?

It could be an antenna problem, config or driver problem. Have you tried the dvb-t dongle on your laptop/pc?

Please Guys help me… still DVBT not working. I have checked Dongle, it’s working on UBUNTU with vlc.
I am doing everything as in description of Setting Tvheadend but still no tv station, no range .

Log with opening Youtube and access denied to TVhead server below:

Thank You in advance for help.