Raspberry Pi3 Over Clock Readings?

I have a Pi 3 which is 1.2ghz.

When I look at the overclock settings in OSMC, it says its set at 900ghz.

When I check my processor info from Kodi, it says 1.2ghz.

Which is correct? It also says that the turbo setting is 1000ghz

I don’t get it?? Everything I read is telling me it should read 1200 for the stock setting.

That is all that matters.

The Pi config module inside MyOSMC has not been optimized since the first Pi3 or 3B+ became available. Leaving set to normal ensures that your Pi3/3B+ runs at 1.2/1.4GHz default speed. Work is being done to revamp MyOSMC but it’s not a top priority at this time.