Raspberry Pi3 with OSMC WiFi-Bridge?

Can I use my Raspberry Pi3 with OSMC as a WiFi-Bridge? The WiFi is weak in the room where the Raspberry is. In the moment I have there an Airport Express for WiFi access with Smartphones etc. But I wonder if I can use the Raspberry instead.

I tried to enable tethering in MyOSMC, I could connect to the network created, but I had no access to the Internet. I can’t find any help in the net how to use this feature. Is somebody here who can give me a hint?

In case you haven’t tried that yet:
Try setting a static IP Address in the phone that you’re trying to connect to the rpi/OSMC and set your gateway to your “primary” router (usually and make sure you also set DNS manually (try the google ones and

Not saying that is going to solve anything in this case, but I do know that weird stuff can happen when you set up “secondary” networks (have no idea what to call that). I have another router set up as a wifi extender in my home, and whenever I connect a computer to that router I won’t get access to internet until I set stuff manually.

Thanks. But this is no solution. I Can’t tell everybody who comes to my home to set a static IP address in his phone in order to get access to the internet via my WiFi. The other point is: With my Airport Express it works without any problem. So I guess it’s simply not possible with OSMC and let it be.

Than you anyway for the reply even if it didn’t help.