Raspberry won't reboot, SD card perhaps got corrupted

Raspberry PI 2 Model B 2014 V1.1 on OSMC
All files were automatically updated to the latest version.

When device is powered, the green LED is green for a millisecond, then it turns red. This leads to believe the SD card, booting file, got corrupted.

These were the events that crashed the device.

It was working fine until I tried to return to “Home” screen as I watched a live camera stream from a New York street; I had never seen that functionality before.

I could not find the way to go back “home”, so I used SYBU app to reboot. The system froze. I unplugged the device, waited a few secs, and did not reboot again.

Perhaps the SD card got corrupted- I have looked at the card contents and found one volume named boot-rbp2 and a second one called RECOVERY. I assume that moving some files from the RECOVERY volume into boot-rbpp2 could solve this issue, but I am not sure. I am trying to avoid the setting up Kodi again; I liked the way it was working for me, and do not want to go thru the setup again.

If the issue can be resolved by copying/moving these files ( from the Recovery volume tp the boot-rbp2), what files do I need to copy/ or discard?

Thank you

Is this an install on NOOBS? Because osmc does not use any recovery partition. If the system is corrupt, moving files around won’t save it. You will still have to reinstall.

As @actiona already wrote that seems to be a noobs install.
If you want to try to save your Kodi configuration from the card you would need a Linux system (eg via live USB) to access the files. You would need to find the OSMC root partition and look for the /home/osmc/.kodi folder

Thank you, you two, for your answers. Will try to save that data to perhaps restore current configuration. All of this is new to me.