Raspi2 and OSMC losing network

I have a raspberry pi, version 2, and regardless of what version of OSMC I am running, after about a day or so, I have to reboot the raspberry pi because it loses its internet connection. Note that the IP address doesn’t get lost, only the ‘Internet: please check your internet settings and try again’, is displayed in System>Info (The IP address is still populated). This causes my sources to not be found, as I connect to a locally hosted HTTP web directory server for polling my library.

Does anybody know what could be causing this? I am connecting wirelessly to my wireless router, using a wireless access point connected to my raspberry pi. As far as the raspberry pi knows, its a wired connection not wireless.

I have checked my device settings for the access point, and theres no logs indicating an issue with the device either. The only fix I have is to restart the raspberry pi from the power menu (Further leading me to believe it’s an issue with the pi not the access point, as it’s powered by it’s won ac adapter)

Hi *,
I’m experiencing the same problem.
However, my RPi2 has a wired connection to my network.
The solution, I implemented is to reboot my raspy daily using a crontab command