RasPi2, FLIRC dongle, and the always active remote

I’ve got a RPi 2 running OSMC2, connected to a Samsung TV that doesn’t have CEC. My cable service is plugged into HDMI1, and the Pi is in HDMI2. I’m using a FLIRC dongle plugged into the PI, to read signals from my remote. The whole setup works like a charm. Well, with just one problem.

The FLIRC never stops! If I’m watching cable on HDMI1, and hit the up arrow to change channels, the FLIRC sends an “UpArrow” signal to the Pi as well. If I hit Enter to make my TV do something, the FLIRC sends an ENTER to the Pi as well. An evening of watching TV, using the remote to change channels, start and stop shows, and other things, will put the Pi through all sorts of weird contortions. This afternoon, I noticed that my Pi’s activity light was blinking. When I activated HDMI2 I saw that it was playing a movie!

Is there any way to stop this?

  1. Use a remote that has a different command set, and ‘tune’ the FLIRC to that (some remote can give multiple command sets - I have a Humax settop controller which can use 4 different sets, and this isn’t the only one)
  2. When you want to warch TV exit media centre, and re-enter it when you want to use it again
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