Raspi3 and harmony hub bluetooth disconect

I have a raspi3b+ that conect with a harmony hub via bluetooth.
This works great until last update. Now i conect with “harmony keyboard” via bluetooth menu and works fin, but after a feew hours the osmc disconects and not conect againg.
I must disconect and and a new device :frowning:

logitech have a lot of problems recently with LAG and other problems. But since 3 days ago this problems are solved.

Any idea?
Any problem related with bluetooth and remotes in last build of osm in a raspi3b+?

thanks a lot!

I had similar problems about a week ago. After resetting and reconnecting the hub to the pi, the problems were gone. The problems started with the horrible lag of about 5 seconds. The same occured on an pi2 with external bluetooth and as well with an pi3 with internal bluetooth. (Two separate hubs and pis. )

the problems with lag was a logitech problem, a week ago.
This was solved.

But the problem with bluetooth is not a logitech problem, and maybe a bluetooth problem with raspi23b+? i dont know :frowning:

Yes, sure the lag was a logitech problem. But it occured the same time when both of my hubs lost connection to Kodi (and/or vice versa).

After resetting the hubs everything is fine again.

after a days of problem. In my case resetting the hub the raspberry pi 3b+ dont conect.

I put the sd card in a raspberry pi3b (not the new+ version) and every works perfect.
Sometimes the hub lost the conection (red light) and not works in kodi, but after a few seconds they reconect.

Maybe a problem with the new raspi 3b+ ¿¿