Raspi4 case fan

Hi, does OSMC currently support full control of the official raspberry 4 case fan PWM (GPIO14) ? Thanks

Yes it should work fine. I don’t have one to test however.

It de[ends on your definition of “full control”. If you follow the guidance in this thread Official Fan for Raspberry Pi 4 - #2 by sam_nazarko then you can set a threshold temperature for the fan to switch on but it’ll be running at 100% and could be quite noisy.

My own installation is used primarily as a music player with an IQaudio DAC in a HighPi case with a 3-wire PWM fan. I found this article Connecting A PWM Fan To A Raspberry Pi - The DIY Life to be quite useful. I created a version of the “stepped” Python script to run every time the Pi boots up. It’s set to run the fan at 40% when the temperature gets a few degrees above normal idle. When playing music this is enough to keep the temperature around that level. I’ve set faster speeds for higher temperature levels but it never gets into those for my present use case. At 40% you can’t really hear the fan when the music is playing at normal volumes.