Raspy 4 8GB buffering and stop at play video from HD usb3

Hello, I have OSMC running on an RPi4 with 1 USB3 ext4 HD. I use it with Samba, streaming and to watch content from HD. Everything was going perfectly but a few days ago the image always began to stop when starting some reproduction from the HD but now when I press play the message ‘Buffering’ appears, the reproduction begins for a couple of seconds and it stops. I have tried with another SD with a new osmc and the same thing, but if I access it through Samba from the PC or another device, it plays without any problem so I rule out HD failure. I have also installed libreelec and Kodi plays the videos without any problem, which confirms that HD is fine.
I tried this advancedsettings.xml but it still fails the same as without it.

-1 false 720 512 60 Â 60 Â Â 3 true 52428800 5.0 Â Â 1

This is log of the second installation of OSMC https://paste.osmc.tv/devameheho

Did the clean install work before you modified config.txt?

Also, it may be a bit more insightful to see a playback issue if there is a Kodi debug log reproducing the issue but for some reason you have disabled that with your advancedsettings.xml which has some errant characters in it.

The clean installation did not work either before or after modifying advancedsettings.xml, that’s why I suspected the HD but when I verified that with libreelec the buffer thing does not stop or appear and that from other devices on the LAN I access the HD through samba and play without problems, I understand that the HD is correct. It is not a temperature problem, the raspy does not exceed 46 degrees Celsius.
This is a advancedsettings.xml image

I would recommend to do a clean install again and before changing anything try to play the file using local storage. If that works without an issue then add in your network source (again, without making any fundamental changes to a stock install) and see if that works. If the error is there as you say it was before then reboot, turn on debug logging, play the file again, then upload logs and share the url from that.

The changes you have made will only make it harder to discover whatever the issue is so getting cleaner logs is the optimal place to start from.

Also, was this LE install using the same SD card on the same hardware, being tested in the same place using the same network connection?

In the clean installation, use another microSD and download osmc-installer again and the version to install, the latest available. I reused the microSD from the first installation for the test with libreelec and it works perfectly. Tomorrow I hope to have time and I will perform a new clean installation and try again.

I download OSMC_TGT_rbp4_20230831.img again, check the MD5 checksum, everything is correct. I install on a 32 GB microSD and, unlike other times, it does not automount the HD and it gives me an error when changing the Ethernet IP so I turn off the Raspy and go buy another MicroSD. I buy a 64 Gb class 10 brand and start the installation again, everything seems correct since it allows me to assign a fixed IP, it automounts the disk but… it does not detect an audio device.
I start again, as always I repartition the MicroSD and format it and reinstall the image. This time it seems that everything is correct, I have OSMC + Samba + Transmission + NoIp, it works well and plays correctly. As a curious note, it is the only one of the installations that the Tele does not detect a RECORDER device through the hdmi CEC. I’m going to install a couple of cleanup addons and make an image of the SD just in case…
On the other SDs I have tried installing Libreelc and Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy, 64-bit) and everything works perfectly the first time. Is there a problem with OSMC and Rpi4?

There are a lot of people running OSMC on RPi 4’s and what your describing is not typical behavior. I personally run four of them in my house that see daily use and haven’t had any unusual behavior. If your getting different results from different installs that seems like there is something that isn’t completely up to spec. Whether this is a bad SD reader, an underperforming PSU, overheating, or something else I can’t say, but something doesn’t seem right.

The power supply is the original 3A Raspberry power supply, I have never seen the temperature above 49 degrees Celsius, I have tried several microSDs. The strange thing is that other distributions work without problems the first time, the failures have always been with OSMC.
But OSMC is the one I like the most since it does everything I need.

I can’t spot the issue from your logs to give any kind of definitive explanation. I can say from the perspective of someone who has read almost every post on this forum since before the RPi 4 was released, this isn’t typical behavior.

Finally I found the solution.
OSMC has some problem with automount on Rpi4, at least with my Western Digital USB3 and EXT4 and with a Seagate also USB3 EXT4 that I tried. The stops occur when OSMC stops recognizing the hard drive and they stop when you mount it again. If it is not able to mount it, the image remains stopped until you restart. Since automount mounts the HD in /media/, I edited fstb to mount it in that folder, so it started working correctly… for a week, the problems recurring again. Finally, edit fstb again and mount the HD in /mnt/ and from that moment on the problems are over.
It’s been more than a month without a stoppage and everything works perfectly.

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