RC boot from NFS on RPi2?

This is the first time I’ve tried to do an NFS install, but I figured that I was already hosting the /home/osmc on NFS to try and reduce writes to the SD Card, so I might as well put the whole thing on NFS.

I use DHCP and like for my Pis to be static so I create MAC reservations for them.

I went through the installer and everything seemed fine. I put the SD card in the Pi and it started installing files. I was ssh’ed into my QNAP and could see the files being written and could ping the Pi. I could ping the reserved IP I gave the Pi. On reboot though, it got a kernel panic. The interesting thing is before the kernel panic, when it brought eth0 up, it didn’t seem to be able to find an IP Address. And it was using (if memory serves).

So I went through the installer again but manually configured the network, and all seems well. Except during the welcome setup, under the network section it says that “OSMC could not automatically connect to the Internet.” When I try and set up networking manually, it shows the Wired adapter as not Disabled and it won’t let me enable it (even though I can still ping it). Going through My OSMC has the same results for networking.

On the bright side, copying over my advancedsettings.xml and passwords.xml seems to be enough to get me up using the shared mySQL database and accessing the movies on they QNAP.

I think that “OSMC could not automatically connect to the Internet.” is not correct. I got the same message when I knew it was impossible, due to the fact that I was going through the initial setup using Yatse on a phone with no keyboard even connected so it obviously had a network connection. I just chose the option to ignore it and do it later and went about my business just fine.

We’ve had a lot of changes to networking and I’ve not been able to test DHCP nfs installs yet. Only static IP setups.

We’ll look at improving our connectivity check