[RC] - Connman for tethering

Is there any plans to implement tethering on OSMC - so as to use LAN cable for Internet tethering.

This worked earlier, but stopped from Alpha4/ RC. Detailed post -:



I’ve just tested Tethering from Ethernet to Wifi (internet connection on the Ethernet, broadcasting a wifi network) and it worked for me, at least on one of my adaptors.

The command I used was:

connmanctl tether wifi on OSMC mypassword

Where OSMC is the SSID to broadcast and mypassword is your passphrase.

Does this not work for you ? I have noticed that tethering does not automatically re-enable after a reboot so I had to run

connmanctl tether wifi on

To enable it on each boot.

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I actually want to do it the other way round (internet connection on the dongle, and connect a second device on LAN). So do you say this might also work?

Hi @DBMandrake

The tethering ethernet doesn’t work on my most recent version of OSMC. I get the following error message:

Error enabling ethernet tethering: Not supported

Would you mind testing the other way, i.e. tethering ethernet from a wifi connection? The end goal is to have an ethernet ready TV with internet, wifi is not an option for the TV.


Hi @DBMandrake, any news on this? Was this implemented in any of the latest releases? You guys are doing a great job, I just wanted to ask this so I don’t miss out if it’s already implemented.

Yes, if you are up to date with updates you should now be able to enable Ethernet tethering.

Hello all, if i understand it rights, so can i connect directly my RPi2 owncloud/NAS direclty to my OSMC RPi1 with direct/cross ethernet cable? i dont need another NW device between them? my RPi1 is connecting to internet with WiFi dongle.

Tethering causes your Pi to act as a NAT router (and DHCP server) to share your internet connection. Wifi Tethering also causes your Wifi adaptor to act as a wireless base station.

Tethering doesn’t bridge the two networks together for full bidirectional access - it’s only NAT.

Thanks @DBMandrake, do you have any procedure to enable this? Or, direct plugging in of a network cable from my RPi to the device?

@DBMandrake please do you have some setup, how can i config my RPi2, that it distribute internet from wifi to eth?

At the moment you would need to enable it from the command line:

connmanctl tether ethernet on

Should turn on Ethernet tethering and share the wifi connection to the device connected to the Ethernet port. (Be careful not to connect to a normal Ethernet network with this enabled as it causes OSMC to run a DHCP server on the Ethernet port)

In a future update it will be possible to control Tethering through the networking GUI.

so i dont need run dhcp server on my RPi2?

Tethering mode enables a built in DHCP server automatically.

Hello all, I enjoy OSMC very much - but I am not able to setup my PI as bridge.
The PI is connected to my WLAN and I want to connect my Dreambox with ethernet to the PI and acces the Dreambox from the devices on the WLAN. With tethering I can connect form the Dreambox to my WLAN and the Internet, but are not able to gain access on the Dreambox fom my WLAN (not even a ping).
Is there a way to use my OSMC-PI bidirecional?