[RC] Shortcuts to video add-ons

I don’t get it. How do I define video addon shorcut to home screen ? In Confluence it is under Skin settings, but I don’t see it in OSMC skin.

Settings>appearance>skin settings?

Yes, that is ok, but when I get there, there is addon shortcut menu missing

Is it supported in the osmc skin?

The very next option to choose is “Customize Home Menu”.

You are going to have to experiment a bit here, the skin is new to everyone.

I have the same problem, anyone solved it yet? I am new to this, been working on this all day! not getting anywhere

Well not sure what your problem is but to add a Video Addon to the Home Screen go Settings - Interface - Skin - Configure Skin - Enable Menu Customization after you done that Settings - Interface - Skin - Configure Skin - Customize Home Menu. Then for “Choose Action” go Add-on - Video-Add-On - Choose your Add-On - Create Menu item to here

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