[RC][SKIN] font size


is possible to change font size in RC skin? Most of czech strings (televize - television, správce souborů - file manager) do not fit current width and they are ended with …

Font size has been tweaked since last night, so it will show as a later time when the skin is updated.

Those labels are pretty long though.

These are only example of czech default translations. It`s not problem to change them. However, they were shown without any problems in pre-RC skin version.

Wondering if lowering font size allow to show more entries on screen (like in pre-RC skin)?

One of the complaints about the pre-RC skin was that the labels and font size was a bit too small for a lot of users. Unfortunately it went in the complete opposite direction and the font got HUGE :smiley:
As I mentioned this has been tweaked in an unreleased version of the OSMC skin, and might be tweaked even more before final release.

Yes, have to say the Font size for the Main menu is a little larger than i would like, but just my two cents. Prefer the Main Menu font size as in Alpha 4.

An example where the font is jumbled up.

The problem here is not so much Font Size but using ALL the available screen real estate efficiently.

A prime example is the screen above, where the Library Label could be lined up on the left hand side with the OSMC label. There other many other examples throughout the Skin.

It seems aesthetics are are primary concern to the devs, and usability has taken a back seat.
I will be happy to be proved wrong.

Color highlights are also another very confusing aspect of the OSMC skin. Not good for usability.

The OSMC skin is still very much Work in Progress and far from finished.
Color highlights will be changed in a later revision of the skin.

Kodi problem -

I find on a smaller sized TV screen ~32" the font size, at least on the Main menu looks good. On larger screen size say 50" + the fonts just look too big.

I installed OSMC with RC2 for the first time last night, switching over from Raspbmc. I find that the fonts of the new OSMC skin are way too huge on my 47" screen, so much so that although I find the new skin nice, it is pretty much unusable for me. I have to use Confluence until this has changed and the font sizes become smaller or there is an option to use customised font sizes.

hello, i wanted to create a topic, but the search gave me this one, so i post here 8-), i just updated osmc from beta/rc1 (can’t remember) to RC2 (a full new install), and i agree with Vedek999… font size ! whaouu ! so huge ! i loved old osmc skin, but actualy, i must use another one 8-( … it’s too big ! and some time in kodi config, i have text other text, so can’t read them …

hope you’ll fix that, old look was really really good ! (no icons in the menu etc…)

best regards

Hi, I installed osmc new after for a long time using Raspbmc.
I use it on a rather old beamer with PAL.
Unfortunately, the font size in the default skin in the beginning is extremely small.
Would it be possible to adjust the font size in the beginning? (Maybe in a menue)
It was more a guess-work with the start-up NTSC-Settings and very small fonts to find any menu.

(It is not urgent for me because I found a way to switch to the Confidence skin, guessing the names.
There it works fine.)