[RC][SKIN] Movie Visualization and Episode Preview Image

Hi, i have two question:

  1. i can’t find a way to change the Movie Visualization from List to other, in Alpha 4 there was the poster grid visualization, that give a much more overview of all movie, how i can get it?
  2. In the TV Show preview in Home Screen i see the episode image, how i can get the Poster of the tv show like in the Alpha 4 version?


Setting > Appearance > Skin > Setting > Customize Home Menu > Select Widget under movies and choose Recent movies.
Do the same under Tv shows but choose Recent episodes instead.

Simple as that.

my questions is different:

  1. How i can change the Mode List View in the Grid view like in the Alpha 4 version
  2. how i can get the tv show poster image instead of the episode image in the TV Show Widget, and how i

same problem here. there is “list view” only

No, you asked

Hi, i can't find a way to show the last movie added in the Home view, like in the Alpha 4 version,`

And that was what i responded to, I can see that you have changed your original question three times since then :wink:

“List” is the only view available in this skin. If this is not suitable, you can try the Conq skin. It’s very similar and may have other options than just List.

You don’t insert the grid view in Final Release? And for the tv show poster instead of the episode image in the tv show widget?

It’s not a final release it’s a release candidate.

Yes i know, i mean you don’t insert it in the future Final Release?

There will be other views available in final.

how you know?

@HitcherUK is THE skin developer for OSMC.

Ok thank you very much, and for the tv show Poster instead of the episode image in the tv show widget? will be fixed to? or the user can choose between them?

I’ve just installed the RC and added these back in but for some reason the Recent Movies widget has no images at all, is theres a specific place it looks for the images at all ?
The TV Shows one is working fine as it always has, had the same issue in Alpha 4, but some would show.

Any Ideas ?

I to would like posters instead of episode images in TV Shows, is there a way to change it?

Same here

Discussed this we’ll probably change back to TV show poster. I personally prefer them as well as they’re nicer to look at and you avoid spoilers.


in the RC2 there are again the episode image instead of poster, so spoiler :persevere: when you switch to poster visualization?

There were no skin changes in this release.

Is there a way to way to show under Recent movies, movies from other addons? Instead of using the local files?