RC1 > RC2 update. diskmount-osmc install error


I just updated from RC1 to RC2, and got the error

Error installing: diskmount-osmc(1.2.1)
Please report this on the OSMC forum.

using a raspberry pi 2. Let me know if you would like any more info.

Please provide your APT logs.

Thanks. I used the log uploader, so you can find my log here:


Let me know if you’d like anything else

error setting ownership of `./media/README': Operation not permitted

Did you have something mounted in /media already?


Oh Uh… yes I did.

It all makes sense now.


You should not be mounting in /media manually, and definitely not on the overall directory, or you’ll completely break the automount functionality. Ironically, the README file explains this, but it couldn’t be installed as something was mounted there.

Please umount, relocate your mount elsewhere (maybe mkdir /mnt/manual-mount) and then run the following:

sudo systemctl start manual-update

This will get your updates in a usable state again


Yes, I did read the readme, but I mounted it there so I could import my library from raspbmc. I figured it wouldn’t break much, but I guess I’ll work on fixing it.

Thanks again