RC3 - Little BUG (i thinks on osmc skin) on Calibrating inside Video Setup?

Hi boys… about 2 hours ago and i upgraded my RC3 on Rpi2 and now i can use the newest skin whit better resolution or i notified something it’s been changed before to apply this latest upgraded.

Now on Wizard i have tryed to Recalibrating the video resolution but i thinks i have this little problems… i try to explain what’s appened:

On first step you need to SET the Upper/Left Side Arrow right ? You can move it using a keyboard connected to usb but there’s a little problems… the upper left arrow it’s not watchable :smile:

At the second step the Lower Right side arrow can be setted… but at this point i can watch the upper left arrow but the lower right side arrow it’s been disappered :smile:

On next step it’s possible to set the line of subtitle… using arrow up/down on keyboard i can watch the value raise and lower but the white line (apparently the subtitle) it’s not movable… there’s will change next position only when i reach the next step.

On the last step using the arrow on keyboard it’s neeeded to obtain a like perfected square… the only problems it’s the square it’s invisible :slight_smile: . The Square it’s visible only after return on first step and at this point the upper left side arrow it’s again disappered.

I thinks this is a little bug whit skin… i have make the calibration some months ago and i never obtained this problems like arrow disappering from tv… now i’m some trouble whit this :smile:
Someone can confirm obtain this same problems ?

Ops… i can also add some info about that:
I have tryed to change skin… from setup i have applied the confluence skin and now the Calibration wizard working good whitout any arrow coin disappering.

I have reapply the osmc default skin and the “disappering” problems it’s back again… at this point i thinks it’s only a little bugged skin and i hope where it’s been fixed on next updates :slight_smile:

I can confirm this one.

The image for the Squareness calibration is showing during the Top-Left calibration.

The images seem one step our of sync.

Lol… if you can confirm this mean you can understand my wrong english explanation :slight_smile:

Yes, we were already aware of the issue.