RC3 on Vero: spdif assignment repeatedly lost

I use a Vero connected to an hdmi switch to send the video signal to my projector and a connection via optical spdif to my AV Receiver.

Hi since RC3 I experience the problem that the spdif assignment in the audio settings gets lost. When I power up the very the audio assignment is hdmi and I need to manually set it to spdif again.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

Hi Chris,

This is abnormal and I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble. The first suggestion I’d make is try changing a completely different setting, for example timezone, rebooting and seeing if that persists. If it doesn’t, then we know that GUI settings are not saving at all.

If you do not mind having to do re-do some settings and are familiar with ‘SSH’, you could also try running ‘rm .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml’, but if you answer the first question we can take things one step at a time and work out what’s up



I had a similar issue (not related to SPDIF but the information stored in the same file). For me the issue was that I didn’t had space left on the SD card after the RC3 upgrade. While it might be something totally different for your problem it doesn’t harm to check available space (best via ssh and then df -lh)