RC6 IR receiver IR606/Q with Vero 4K+

I want to use my “IR606/Q” receiver with my new Vero 4K+, but I just don’t get it working. It was functioning just fine with my old HTPC running LibreELEC. I tried every configuration selectable withing the OSMC settings.
Does someone have experience with this receiver and could point me into the right direction? Thanks in advance.

The Vero already has an IR receiver built in and a port in the back if you wanted to use an extended IR receiver. Is there something special about this one your referring to that would make you use that instead? A quick Google search wasn’t showing exactly what that product your trying to get working is.

I don’t think there is anything special about this receiver. I justed wanted to continue to use my Harmony without any additional work to do. :slight_smile: If there is a way of doing this using the build-in receiver it would be fine.

I believe the built in ir is already RC6 so you should be able to use your existing harmony setup without modification. If you were using any special keymaps in Kodi you could transfer your keymap.xml file over from your LibreELEC Kodi. I think I have seen posted that the Vero even has profiles already in Logitech’s database so no worries there.

The receiver supports NEC, RC5, RC6. But it needs to be configured

Have a search for Harmony on the forums and let us know if you have any questions.


Thanks for your answers.
So I have selected Xbox 360 remote in My OSMC -> Remotes and configured Up/Down on my Harmony to to corresponding MCE Keyboard commands. This was suggested here. But I was not able to navigate in the menu with my Harmony. Do I miss something here?

Did you select an Xbox 360 remote on the Harmony?


Yes, I tried both MCE remote and XBox 360 controller. Up/Down still does not work.

Are you rebooting between changes? Might be worth a try.

I rebooted between every configuration change.

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I would then check with evtest to see if presses are being detected

Also check kodi logs


Download the keymap editor and see if the keys will map in there before bothering with anything more involved. If you have the Harmony programed under their MCE profile then there should be no need for any modifications there. The only reason why I can think that it didn’t just work without messing with it is if you picked up a keymap from somewhere that is overriding the defaults.

I just configured my Harmony One with OSMC:

  1. Vero4k+: My OSMC --> Remotes --> rc6-mcd-lircd
  2. Harmony software: Add Device --> Computer --> Media Center PC --> Microsoft --> Windows Media Center

Everything pretty much works straight away, just had to remap some keys with the Keymap editor.