RC6 profile reprogramming

So I’ve got the RC6 remote and RC6 profile and generally, after all the double-keypress debacle was cleared up (phew!), have had everything great.

Today I realized something was missing - context menu button! The RC6 remote design doesn’t include a context menu button, and unless I’m mistaken, none of the buttons on the RC6 remote seem to trigger it!

Without a context menu, finding it QUITE hard to queue up a couple tv episodes in a row to watch, or queue up a long list of music to make a quick playlist to play as I work, or whatever.

Is there some button I missed that does it, or what should I do? not super familiar with how to build a new profile and reading the existing ones confuses the dickens out of me, and I’ve heard other people on the forums say irrecord not working with OSMC and pi2 so I’m not sure if I can find the keycodes of the buttons I want for the functions I want.

Also, is the RC6 profile unique to OSMC or is it a Kodi thing, and if it’s unique, would it be a good idea to suggest a different button to take over context menu functionality?

Try the “Guide” button