Re-start from Web browser

Is it possible to re-boot the box from the web browser please?

I did a search & couldn’t find any reference.


Yes. If you have the web interface enabled in Kodi then in your web browser you just need to type in the web address. If the port number in Kodi’s settings is something other than 80 then you would need to include that as well (ie

Hi - I’ve got the interface up & running in the browser, I just can’t find anywhere to issue the re-boot?


Your probably just using the default Chorus 2 web interface and I don’t think that one has a button for power. There are more interfaces you can install and I know that the Arch web interface has it. In arch you click on the three vertical dots at the bottom right of the screen, then the power icon, and that will bring up an options screen similar to inside Kodi. Do note you can use more than one web interface at the same time. When you type in the IP address in your web browser it brings up the default interface at something like [device IP]/addons/webinterface.default/# and if you manually shorten that back to [device IP]/addons/ you will be taken to a list of all the installed web interfaces that you can click on to use.

Yes, using Chorus 2, which doesn’t have that option (on 3 dots). May need to install another, when I click on add-ons it just shows Chorus 2.

Add-ons>install from repository>Kodi add-on repository>web interface>

Well, even with the Chorus2 interface it is possible to reboot the system using the this web interface but it is somewhat tricky:

  1. In the web GUI click on the 3 vertical dots at the right bottom corner
  2. select “The lab”
  3. select the API browser
  4. search for “reboot”
  5. select the suggested “system.reboot” method
  6. insert an opening and a closing square bracket (brackets are required in any case)
  7. hit the send button

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perfect, thanks guys!

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While the answer about the web interface reboot function has been very well answered I would like to highlight that you also can just issue a json command via http if you want to do this in your own environment or I still continue to recommend the yatse remote App on Android that gives you a full power menu with many options