Ready for auto nzb downloads and transmission

Hi all,

I’m totally new to vero/rasp pi etc. I’ve been using a popcorn hour a-110 since 2008 and it’s been happily downloading nzbs in the background and playing mkvs well for years. Recently it’s showing signs of dying so on a whim I’ve ordered a vero box.

Can people advise what their recommended apps services are for:

  • setting up nzb downloads and are these auto cataloged by kodi/osmc?
  • is transmission the torrent client of choice still?

Are these services best installed via command line or does osmc simplify the procedure.

Apologies for noob questions but I have no experience of this but once I’m into something I’m pretty good at picking stuff up.

Best wishes

I followed the following tutorial for sabnzbd+. Works well.

and then this on for sickbeard handbrake etc…

Thanks mate. Much obliged.

I’m itching to implement this. But looking to keep costs low. Do you need to have a usenet account or is there an alternative.


I am looking at adding NZB grabbers and a torrent client to our App Store


Sorry if I’m being thick

Does that mean we won’t be needing usenet accounts?

I don’t understand what would give you that idea

You’ll still need a UseNet account. The App Store will just let you get the client installed easily


Great ok

Thanks for clearing that up