Real Airplay support by using reflector-lib

Hi all,

I really love my Vero4k - but one feature I miss is a truly working AirPlay support.

So far, AirPlay support is based on a reverse-engineered solution, which (at least in my own experience) work ok-ish for audio streams. However, video streaming is not supported.

What about integrating a reflector-based AirPlay solution, a user could Opt-In (e.g. by paying a small $ fee) which then activates the component if desired.

Library doesn’t look open source, so it would be a GPL violation if we added it to Kodi.

What about a Kodi plugin that does nothing else than integrating reflector-lib, i.e., a plugin that checks if reflector lib is available, and if so, the plugin integrates reflector-lib. Otherwise, if reflector lib is not available on the system, the plugin simply does nothing.
Such a “light weight” Kodi plugin could be made available open source (GPL).

I don’t think it’s possible for it to be used as an external library and it needs to be built at compile time. This also isn’t a complete solution: there would probably be a fair bit of work getting those frames decoded.