Real Time 432Hz Auto Pitching

Can the Vero 4K+ play music and videos pitched-down to 432Hz? If so, is it relatively easy for a novice to make the necessary adjustment in the settings for this to occur?

There are LADSPA plugins that do this. LADSPA plugins can be used with the audio system included in the linux kernel (ALSA) which OSMC uses but it can be hard work to get the necessary configuration files written correctly. ALSA is notoriously bad at telling you where you might have made a syntax error.

There’s advice on the interweb for this but most assumes you are running a full desktop distribution, which typically includes pulseaudio. OSMC doesn’t officially support pulseaudio although some users are using it and have reported in here. I don’t think it’s necessary to install pulse. If I were doing this I would try to avoid using pulse or the other package you will find mentioned a lot: JACK.

For ‘novices’ there’s no good ALSA 101 site but in short you need to

  • install the plug-in
  • write a configuration file (.asoundrc in your home directory) that tells ALSA how to direct sound through the plugin to your normal sound output

Let us know how you get on.

Wow! Thanks Grahamh. That’s a bit out of my pay grade. I would need to learn how to configure the .asoundrc file and if it can be hard work for someone such as yourself, then for me I would just give myself a headache.

I was hoping (but not expecting) it to be easy as it was with ‘VCL Player’. With VLC player, (for those that are interested) all you need do is un-select “enable time stretching” in preferences and change the playback speed (float) of the ‘vlcrc’ configuration file to 0.981818 (from 1.000000). That’s it, nice and easy.

I think it will be some time (hopefully not too far away) when more people realize the significant advantages of listening to 432Hz over 440Hz and its affect on the human physiology.

Here is a some good info on the health benefits of 432Hz tuning and also a link to a scientific study confirming such.

“The remarkable story behind 432hz tuning”

‘In the scientific study “Music Tuned to 440 Hz Versus 432 Hz and the Health Effects: A Double-blind Cross-over Pilot Study” done by Calamassi D, Pomponi GP, they measured a marked decrease in the mean of heart rate and found that the subjects were more focused about listening to music and more generally satisfied after the sessions in which they listened to 432 Hz tuned music.’

OK. I’ve been meaning to find time to see how easy it is to install LADSPA plugins. I’d only come across different tunings in the context of early music but if there are health benefits for OSMC users maybe it’s something we could offer.

Have you had a look for Kodi plugins that might do what you want? (I couldn’t find any in the official repo).

That’s great news, Grahamh. I will look forward to the day that update becomes available and it’s encouraging that you actually understand what is being asked. Kudos to you.

Remember that there are not only health benefits that the study found but also increased focus and listening satisfaction.

I have searched the Kodi forums and found a couple of posts from members asking for the same but responses are generally from members who do not understand what is actually being requested. It amazes me that people who purport to have so much knowledge in the area are absolutely ignorant about 432Hz tuning and how it differs from 440Hz tuning touting that it is only 8Hz difference. It might be only 8Hz but that is enough to affect our physiology and wellbeing. History will show that it was a mistake adopting 440Hz as the international standard.

Below is an excerpt from the Kodi forum thread I am talking about.
“This has been requested a number of times, for example here, but each time I don’t think the team-Kodi people really understood the question. I think there is a way of using ffmpeg in Kodi and there are loads of ffmpeg scripts out there to convert 440 to 432, but I don’t know if that would work on the fly in Kodi. Would need someone with much more programming knowledge than me (any in fact) and who is prepared to take the question seriously.”

Forum link

It is still early days but major changes are currently taking place across the world and will lead to the release of beneficial new technologies in the not to distant future. We are living in exciting times and there is also a health renaissance taking place with sound healing leading the way.

I believe there is a opportunity for OSMC to be on the leading edge by offering real time 432Hz audio pitching. As more and more people wake up to its benefits customers will be looking for this feature in their audio and video products.