Real world benchmarking for RPI3

All, given it’s only been officially out a day or so, there isn’t much in the way of real-world benchmarking of the RPI3.

Can any of the eager beavers out there who have ( or are going to purchase ) a Raspberry PI 3 give us an idea of what kind of real world performance the Pi 3 has over the Pi 2 ?

WRT to the Arctic Zephyr skin would be particularly helpful …


spooky. Just looking at that article …

Quite impressive benchmarks compared to the Rpi 2.

Think I’m going to have to order one. Just need the pi 0 then I will have them all :slight_smile:

wondering what the power consumption is like.
Also wondering if the wifi speed is good…

I have a rpi2 with 2 dongles(wifi and bluetooth) and I will upgrade if the power consumption is lower or equal.

Also if the wifi dongle is faster than the pi3 wifi that would be a “no-go”