Realtek RTL8188FTV

I could not find this anywhere but I was wondering if it is possible to use RTL8188FTV based WiFi adapter for OSMC using Raspberry Pi?
Any information or pointers would be appreciated.
Thank you.

8188 has been supported for some time.
VID/PIDs may change, but we can usually add support promptly.

Should I request this in Feature Requests?

Well so you are telling that you have the stick and is not working?
If that is the case that you can first add the vid/pid to load the driver to check if it works then. If that is the case the vid/pid can be added In the next update

Hi, thanks, I am trying to do that. But not sure where to find the driver for 8188 to add the vid and pid. Or do I need to add it to a driver from online and compile with the pid/vid added?

@sam_nazarko is the 8188 part of the rtl8187 or which module name to be used?

Hi, I have RTL8188FTV, and from what @sam_nazarko said I understood that it should be similar to the supported RTL8188 but I need to add the PID and VID for my actual WIFI dongle which is RTL8188FTV with idVendor=0bda, idProduct=f179 from dmesg. I understood that I need to add these IDs to a driver but not sure where to find that driver in the OSMC command line. Thanks.

I think it would be wise to wait for confirmation (or otherwise) from Sam, but a few recent Ubuntu-related threads suggest that there is no Linux support for the RTL8188FTV

There isn’t a driver available for this unfortunately.

Thanks for all your help. It is a bummer that it is not supported, oddly the CD that came with it has driver for RTL8188CUS for Linux apparently, which I tried installing to no avail.
Annoyingly that’s the problem with buying a dongle online, almost none of them say what chipset they are on.

There’s an OSMC one :wink:

If you upload the driver I’ll take a look

Hi, where do I find the OSMC one?
I don’t know if there is a way to upload files to discourse.
Here is the link to OneDrive zip folder of what is on the disk for Linux.!Arkar0hFFfVXo1WuEKS_1Cp7UVvS

The OSMC dongle is on the store

I thought you meant a driver but very true. That one will work out of the box, just wanted to avoid buying more things that I technically have.