Realtek RTL8811CU Support

I just got my Raspberry 2b running with an old wifi adapter, but the data rates are poor. I tried my new RTL8811CU dongle but no luck. I see a driver is out there but it takes some configuring and I would prefer PnP.

I installed OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20230831 which is the latest, I think. When will my new adapter be supported out of the box? I appreciate that this is a distro-dependent issue and there is no rush as I can manage with the system as it is.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Is there a module available in the current used Kernel? If yes then there is a chance to get it added for OSMC. If not then you would need to compile it yourself (search RTL8811CU compile module Debian)

Yes there is one on github. Tried that but it seems to have dependencies and I don’t want to add stuff to the kernel if I can avoid it.

As I said, I’m in no hurry. I just wondered when it might work ootb. I can cope with slower data rates for now as I use samba to update my pi and I’m not adding media every day.


Never when there is no kernel module available

This will never be supported. I will be dropping Raspberry Pi 2 support in the near future when we move to a full 64-bit environment.

Thanks, Sam. I will let my Pi 2b settle in for a while as it works and then upgrade to a Vero V when I get a chance.

BTW, isn’t this more of a general issue of what Debian supports ootb? I happen to have a new RTL8811CU-based USB wifi adapter and I could, in theory, get it to work, but I don’t want to mess around too much.

We use a downstream kernel to support Pi.

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