RealVNC installation and licensing server

Has anyone tried to follow the instructions at to install the RealVNC server on the Pi running OSMC and license it? It talks about selecting Licensing from the VNC Server status menu with a graphical interface, and it is not clear how that can be launched from OSMC.

On OSMC you should use dispmanx-vnc.

I believe RealVNC’s GUI requires X11 for configuration

From Download VNC Server for Raspberry Pi | VNC® Connect -

If you have Raspbian Jessie or later, VNC Connect is pre-installed, so only download if your Raspberry Pi has a different Linux distribution.

Uniquely to Raspberry Pi, VNC Connect is also pre-licensed to offer cloud and direct connectivity to Home subscribers.

Does dispmanx-vnc have similar cloud and direct connectivity, and will it work with VNC Viewer or need a different software?

That information is for Raspbian which is not equivalent to OSMC!
Dispmanx vnc doesn’t have a cloud service but work with any VNC viewer.
If you want to use it outside of your LAN I recommend to use a VPN anyhow.
Check this for install instructions.

Yes, Raspbian is not same as OSMC, but the RealVNC server is supposedly installable on other Linux distributions also with the .deb fie. I was able to install it, there were a couple of missing packages which had to be installed, but the snag is the entering of the email address and password to authenticate the account, that needs the graphical interface. My main intention of using RealVNC is for the cloud connect, and supposedly being able to map the Pi drivers to the remote computer for easy file transfer.