Reboot each night

hi Guys!

I tried to set up a crontab for an automatic reboot each night (at 4:30), but I think the following is not working (with crontab):

30 4 * * * sudo reboot

Do you have any idea why it is not running or is there any other command I should use for this? The command seems to be ok on another rpi2 with Raspbian.

Thank you in advance.

30 4 * * * sudo shutdown -r

try that


Updated the crontab with this, but didn’t work :frowning:

Guys, i think i found the solution, in case if anybody else would need the working command:

30 4 * * * sudo /sbin/shutdown -r

Thanks for @Toast for the tip, it helped finding the working one, just had to put the /sbin/ there as well :slight_smile:

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np glad to help and yes absolute paths are always preferable