Rebooting Pi

I have the Pi plugged in behind the TV and from time to time it has frozen with a particular add-on, easy enough to fix by rebooting the Pi via command line.

However not so much for my other family members, I was thinking of creating a simple webpage that would reboot the OSMC Pi, the script and web interface would run on a secondary Pi that I use for various other things.

The idea is when the Pi freezes one would use the TV web browser and click the favorite then click a link/button that would then send the reboot command via command line. But I have no idea where to begin, any assistance would be great?

The easier option is to enable the kodi web-interface and reboot that way, however I have not found a good one that works on OSMC, I have tried Arch that is available in the Kodi repo but with OSMC it doesn’t work. I check all setting with my Windows Kodi computer and they are exactly the same, yet windows web interface work and OSMC does not.Any idea or recommendation of a WebUI that has reboot functions?

Well generally the best would be to figure out why it freezes and fix that part.

Just use the standard webinterface and execute the JSON for reboot

Alternatively if your family own mobile phones just use yatse