Receive songs from bluetooth

Is there any way to revive songs from Bluetooth like the automobile audio systems does?
It would be awesome to have this feature, so every one can play their songs on kodi, even on old non-smart phones.

By receive, do you mean streaming, using a technology such as A2DP?

We’re working on this, and there’s something you can try already if interested.


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I’m really not that much into audio tech, so I don’t know the actual terms for it. In most car audio systems, I can pair my phone via Bluetooth and play the music on my phone’s music player from the car’s speakers. I want to have this functionality in my OSMC too, so my guests could play their songs from my TV.

I would like to test it and maybe assist on the develop. Where should I start?

Check this out: [How-to] set up Bluetooth audio.

Problem is you’re only going to be able to have one phone paired at a time (at the time of writing).



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That’s not a big deal. Other systems are the same.