Received my Vero 4k today

What can I say? It is everything you promised.

I had a shield tv for the last two years and while that thing is powerful, it suffers badly from the limitations of Android, mainly auto resolution switching, resulting in being forced to use the terrible terrible shield upscaling, Plus I had the shutdown problem which nvidia fails to recognize.

It took my one hour to have my Vero 4k set up perfectly. My device had the sad smily loop, which I solved by reinstalling osmc. Then I had a bit of a problem with samba, turns out my Synology NAS needed an update. And finally it took me a bit to pair my Logitech Harmony remote but that was just me stupidity :wink:

Now I am testing media files to check if I finall got rid of the things that bothered me about the shield… and so far, YES YES YES, my problems are solved, Of course it will take weeks to be sure of everything, but I am mightily impressed so far.

Sure, the shield was slightly more responsive (I even had the shield sshd replaced with a ssd, so comparison is a bit unfair) but it is hardly noticable. Actually the Vero 4k is the second most responsive Kodi device that I ever had.

If I find time in the next weeks, I might make a review on one or two German forums.

Looking forward to use the Vero 4k for many years, Stability is what I desire most and hopefully be as stable as the Dune Smart player I once used and loved and only gave away because it had no Kodi support. From that point on I tried many Kodi boxes and always had to settle, even (or especially) with the mighty shield TV.

Also thank you for the fast shipping. Less than 72h from ordering to receiving is outstanding.

Greetings from Germany,


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I have one question though: Is there any way to get “my osmc” as a menu point when using a custom skin? I use the estuary mod by pkscout and while the skin works perfectly, I do not have my osmc in the menu… to access it, I have to switch temporary to either the original estuary or the osmc skin… or is there any other way to access osmc menu from the mentioned custom skin or any custom skin?

Oh and there is one negarive about the Vero 4k, it has been mentioned multiple times and is fixed by tape: the blue led… I use the Vero in my bedroom, so the led really is terrible but I am quite used to tape leds, actually I am always expecting it :wink:

I’m glad you’re enjoying the Vero 4K.

We are able to add the My OSMC menu to the OSMC and original Estuary skin because we package them ourselves. However as the skin you have installed is from a different repository; we aren’t able to make any changes to the skin.

My OSMC is still accessible via the Programs menu however (it’s an add-on); and some skins may allow you to put add-on shortcuts on the home screen.

That would be much appreciated!


Thank you, addon is even better than in menu.

Got mine in 66 hours, also in Germany! Thanks again!

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