Recent problem with playback freeze and sometimes crash

Hi all! I run OSMC on a Rapsberry Pi 4. Plain vanilla installation, and the system is up-to-date.

The device has been very reliable. For the past month or so, I’ve been having an intermittent problem where the device will sometimes freeze up during media playback (either movies or music). Sometimes it recovers and stutters again say 10 minutes later. Sometimes the device crashes and reboots.

Today I enabled debug logging; rebooted twice; and then played some songs. When it froze up, I waited a couple of minutes and then uploaded logs:

I see lots of “error” in that log, but am not clear on what specifically might be causing this issue. Can someone please advise if anything jumps out?

I would try a clean install on a new SD card.

Thank you for having a look.

Is there something specific in the logs leading to this suggestion? Or just because there are too many issues in there? (I plan to take your advice on a fresh install, but I am curious)

If you bring up your logs and search for “dev/mmcblk0” you will see errors logged in the system journal. You might get away with just doing a clean install but given that SD cards wear out over time on top of generally being a bit less than complexly reliable, particularly in this type of application, and SD cards being fairly inexpensive, it is an easy recommend IMO for a card swap.