Recent update broke resolution in pause screen


Just applied the update today and now in Pause-Screen during playback the resolution is too large, hiding parts of the screen. Like it forgot the calibration and overscans.

Playback is just fine and Menus are just fine.

I re-ran video calibration but no luck.

It’s not really impacting anything function wise and is merely an aesthetic thing.


Can you take a photo of this?
Are you running the GUI at 4K?

There haven’t been any resolution patches since June (apart from the HDR-10 patches). Did you try HDR 10 test builds in the past?


I’m running at 1080 and no I havent tried any HDR test builds.

Only test build I tried was the leia which I reverted by trashing .kodi folder and also some my attempts on fixing the buffering which also have been reverted.

Pictures are PM’d :slight_smile:

Okay – issue might have appeared after the introduction of HDR10 improvements, which are now merged in to the July update.

When you say reverted, did you reinstall Kodi from apt repository or did you rebuild without the fixes? You might have missed a couple of patches I added recently


I meant reinstalling via APT and using a backup of .kodi directory from the stock status