Recent update & snapclient on Vero 4K

Edit: Never mind - it’s not an OSMC issue. I was able to fix my problem by installing a newer version of snapclient from debian-backports. However, for completeness’ sake I’ll leave the original posting as it was.

Installing the latest update has broken my homegrown solution for running snapclient as an external player on my Vero 4K. :slightly_frowning_face:

Some details:
snapclient is the client for snapcast multiroom audio. It’s in the Debian repositories, so installing it is straightforward. However, on my OSMC devices (a Vero 4K and a Raspi 3), I’ve disabled starting the systemd service by default. Instead, I’ve got two fake MP3s in my music folder (start.snap.mp3 and stop.snap.mp3) and a definition for an external player in my Kodi home folder. This external player is a shell script that starts or stops the systemd service depending on which of the fake MP3s is passed as an argument.
This still works on my Raspi 3 (right now!) and it used to work like a charm on my Vero4K until the last update. However, after the update, something seems to go wrong between ALSA and snapclient.
When I start snapclient manually, I get this error:

2022-10-03 12-04-44.557 [Info] (Alsa) Using buffer_time: 80 ms, fragments: 4
2022-10-03 12-04-44.566 [Error] (Alsa) Exception: Can't set buffer time: Invalid argument, code: 0
2022-10-03 12-04-44.566 [Fatal] (Snapclient) Exception: Can't set buffer time: Invalid argument
2022-10-03 12-04-44.566 [Notice] (Snapclient) Snapclient terminated.

Any ideas how to fix this? I admit that OSMC’s audio setup is a bit of a mystery to me.

Thanks for letting us know a newer version worked as expected. This might help other users in the future.

I’d suggest removing the backports repository now however.