Reco: Bluetooth Remote

Hi all,

I am not really happy with the stock Vero remote, therefore I want to invest some money for a bluetooth remote.
Has anybody experience with bluetooth remotes and Vero? Can perhaps someone recommend a specific model?
I am not looking for a 300€ device which can control my home, but I am not to parsimonious to invest 30€ and therefore looking for the happy medium.
In terms of keys I only need the simple and standard buttons (up / down / back / info / etc.).

Thanks for your help :sunglasses:

I can’t help you with Bluetooth remote advice, but did you consider to use your tv remote via sec? It works really well (unless you use the vero when the tv is off).

What do you mean by sec? Is this an option? Never heard about it.
Thanks for your help :smile:

Typo, my bad. I meant Cec. If you connect to any recent TV through hdmi it will let you use your TV remote to control peripherals like the Vero.

… And did you try controlling vero with an android or iOS phone or tablet? The remote control apps also work quite well… And those are free :slight_smile:

I am already using my android tablet as remote, but sometimes it is more comfortable to use a simple remote e.g. when you want to pause the movie.
Where can I configure that the commands of the TV remote are passed through to my Vero?

btw: When I start my Vero, I get an CEC error. I hope that does not mean that the devices are not compatible…

First check if your TV supports it (should be easy to find on google). If it does you probably have to turn it on in the TV menus somewhere. Note that TV manufacturers use brand names for Cec. On Samsung tv’ s its called anynet. Other manufacturers use different names for it.
On the vero it’s on by default I think.

Strange. My TV supports it, but somehow I always get the mentioned CEC error when I start my Vero.
I already changed the cable, but I did not solve the issue.
I will open a net thread, perhaps it is a bug :bug: