Recommendations for a dual DVB-T2 tuner support

My current USB DVB-T2 tuner stick can play two channels if they are on the same mux but not otherwise. Has anyone running OSMC had any success with a dual tuner, e.g. this one linked below?

Or is my best bet just to add a second adapter and split the aerial cable - how seamless would this be in TVH? Any configuration issues to look out for? Thx.

For me dual tuners always were a pain

Same same, if you take one dual tuner or two single, config in TVH is identical

For what it costs for unofficial ones, and pain they can bring, i just went for 3 of the OSMC ones on a powered hub, which should be enough, but its shared between 3 TVs, I could in theory add another another 2 but i dont think i`ll need that many lol