Recommended add-ons for convenient use?

After running OSMC on a RPi for quite a while to just comfortably watch the Mediathek, I’ve bought my parents some months ago the Vero 4K. Basic idea there is to replace most of the legacy AV-stuff from the past several years, plus adding new functionality.

That is, apart from watching the German Mediathek and stream / record DVB-T2, I thought about adding these features:

  1. Browsing and viewing locally stored videos from various sources
  2. Browsing and viewing locally stored images from various sources
  3. Radio streaming from DVB-C or alternatively maybe DAB+

For all three I’m looking for add-ons being both robust and easy to use as my parents aren’t that young anymore and I’m the (remote) admin.


We believe this is a Kodi issue or a specific Kodi function and as such you should look at addressing the issue there. We are unable to resolve your issue. If you do believe that this is an OSMC specific issue, please let us know.

But for 1 and 2 I dont think you will need any add on, it’s kodi functionality.

May I asked what’s wrong with the build in functions of Kodi that provides this functionality?

That is possible via TVHeadend Server/Client that is available on OSMC

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Which has nothing to do with the two questions you had

Some answers / comments:

I agree that my questions are more general to KODI itself, hence this might have been the better forum. The attached flatscreen has no Internet access and I’m perfectly fine with the existing Mediathek add-on.

When testing with a couple of images I was thinking about options for a gallery with dynamically configurable preview sizes and / or for instance a directory browser with some kind of thumbnail preview. Most likely at least some of these “convenience options” are already included in the integrated picture viewer, while initially I just saw the file names and individual pictures only. Hence I’ll check this in more detail, while the remaining question is for add-ons making picture and / or video browsing even more convenient (if existing).

For radio it’s good to know this is supported by TVH server as well, while again the question is about potentially interesting alternatives to the built-in radio client.